Sustainability is more than just climate action. ELSK the studio recognises sustainability as the ethical and caring approach we have to all aspects of the company. From handmaking the clothing pieces, to the finished piece, to you. ELSK the studio wants to be a fashion label with an environmentally and ethically friendly approach.

How is ELSK the studio sustainable?

Green shipping - ELSK the studio will try to make shipping as sustainable as possible by finding shipping methods with low environmental impact as well as using recyclable shipping materials. 

Engage green behavior ELSK the studio wants to inspire, engage, and encourage customers and other companies to live and produce sustainable.

Design made to lastELSK the studio creates timeless design, made to be worn in different ways, on different occasions, during different seasons. This results in clothing pieces that will last.

Handmade & QualityThe founder makes every clothing piece by hand. She puts in time and effort to create quality pieces that will last. Since every clothing piece is handmade every piece is unique and small beauty flaws might occur. The founder focuses on quality over quantity because making few clothing pieces of good quality that will last is more important to ELSK the studio than mass production.

Eco packaging & minimal wasteELSK the studio tries to use recyclable packaging in every aspect. ELSK the studio offers "drop" and "made to order" to make sure every item is sold. This helps reduce waste, and excess inventory.

CharitableCharity, making a difference and helping others are important values to the founder, and therefore important to ELSK the studio as wellThe founder has been involved in previous charity work and knows the importance of caring for others and working to make a difference. Therefore ELSK the studio is established with the intention of donating proceeds back to charitable organizations.

Fair production - Fair production is important to ELSK the studio. Currently ELSK the studio is a one-woman show, but in the future, the brand wants to expand and fair production will be even more important. Fair production includes fair wages, a safe working environment, opportunities to grow within the brand, opportunities to grow as individuals, equal pay for equal work, skill training, responsible production, and transparency. Today, there is only one woman behind ELSK the studio, but these points are still important.

Woman owned - founded, operated, and owned by a woman. 

Cruelty free - No animals are harmed in the process of creating clothing pieces. Real leather or fur is not used in ELSK the studio s clothing pieces.

InclusiveELSK the studio wants to be inclusive in all aspects. Everyone is welcome here. Every size, gender, age, ethnicity, etc are welcome here. ELSK the studio offers custom sizing. And we are more than happy to accommodate for any body type. If your size is not on the size chart please choose "custom sizing". Everyone who wants to wear ELSK the studio clothes is welcome to do so. I am very happy to see that you are wearing the clothes, exactly how you prefer.

ELSK the studio wants to take responsibility, and do what we can to be sustainable.


We are more than happy to receive feedback, so please let us know if you have any further questions or additional information at♥ 


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