Our factory

To create our linen clothing pieces we partner with a small, family-owned and locally run factory based in Zhejiang, China. There are 62 employees, who receives a 15-20% higher salary than the local average. We chose to partner with this supplier due to their focus on sustainability, work ethics and exceptional quality. 

The factory focuses on sustainability, and some examples are:
  • Regenerating system - Leftover fabric (offcuts) is sorted into different quality groups, then given to a fabric mill who specialise in regenerating textiles. The offcuts are repurposed into new fibres/fabric bases.
  • Zero carbon emissions - Everything at the factory is electronic, and therefore zero carbon emissions. The source of electricity is powered by the sun and nuclear energy, which are both zero-emissions clean energy sources. Electricity from the sun is sustainable because this process converts the sun's energy into electrical energy and let us use the greatest, most sustainable resource on the planet: the sun. Electricity from nuclear is sustainable because the process generates power through fission, and the heat released in this process is used to create steam that spins the turbine to generate electricity. All without the harmful byproducts emitted by fossil fuels.
  • Super Saving System - Helps to save energy consumption. 
  • No harmful substances or chemicals are present - This is because we work with water-based inks for custom dye orders. This is better for both the person wearing the clothing piece, and our environment. 


  • Waste policies - Any waste is sorted and organised. The "waste" is either reused as fabric sample use or sent to specialised mills for recycling. 



  • Permanent contract - All the 62 employees work on a permanent contract.
  • 15-20% higher salary than the local average
  • 150-200% salary increase for overtime work - Overtime working hours are very much recognised, well-rewarded and ethical. 


The picture used is an illustration picture retrieved from pexels.com

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