Sunset Adore is a Scandinavian fashion brand located in Oslo, Norway.  Sunset Adore was founded by Mariken Lund in 2021 because she wanted to create a brand that focuses as much on women and timeless design, as on fair production and sustainability.

Sunset Adore is a friends and family business where our families and friends help out with everything from modelling to packing to customer service! We are a team with passion and engagement. 



We aim to create wardrobe heroes that celebrates the female body.Flattering and comfortable is two of our core brand values. We aim to create clothing pieces that women feel comfortable, powerful, and confident in.

Our mission is to create pieces that celebrate all different body types - that will let individuality shine.



Sunset Adore focuses on sustainability and ethical production. Our clothing pieces is made out of high quality materials made by one factory and two professional tailors in Souther Spain. The fabric Sunset Adore uses is made in Spain, bought in a local fabric store, and created into unique clothing pieces just a 5 minute walk from the fabric store. Read more here.