About me

Welcome to Sunset Adore,

An ethical, Norwegian, slow-fashion brand founded by me, Mariken Lund.

I am a 21 year old originally from Oslo, Norway. I run Sunset Adore on my own, with great support from friends, family, customers and followers

A little bit about me is that I went to High School in Oslo, before I served my country in the army for a year. I was stationed in Northern Norway, and it was suuuper cold -22°F / -30°C!!) during the winter months - but the northern lights were amazing!!

After meeting amazing people and experiencing something totally different I decided to move to the US to pursue a bachelor's degree. I am currently studying business, marketing and innovation, usually in Washington, but atm I am taking an exchange semester in Hawai'i. 

This March 2021 I founded Sunset Adore because I wanted to create good

quality, environmentally friendly, and timeless pieces that I could not find in today's fashion market. I began sewing to test clothing on myself, and quickly decided that I wanted to share these sophisticated and sustainable clothing pieces with more people than just myself - and that's when I registered for a sole proprietorship! (norsk: enkeltmannsforetak)

I established Sunset Adore in Norway, and worked with the brand the whole summer of 2021. I had so much fun, learned a lot, met a  lot of amazing people - and did my best to make a positive difference! 

Since the brand is international, and I have customers from all over the world; I decided to take Sunset Adore with me to Hawai'i. It takes quite some time to be a student and run Sunset Adore, but it is def worth it!! It is exceptionally exciting and I look forward to continue this journey with you!!

I make every clothing piece by hand, using the finest materials and plenty of time to create unique clothing pieces for you. Every clothing piece is made to order, which means I am able to offer custom sizing, as well as helping to reduce waste and excess inventory. 

My making process includes the designing, fabric coloring, pattern making, cutting out, sewing, stitching, steaming, labelling, packaging and sending out each unique items together with a personal letter to you 

I love working with Sunset Adore, and a huge and important part of it is to connect with youuu. So, I'd love to hear from you and feel free to send me a message on Instagram, a text on +1 (808) 690-5752 or an email at hello@sunsetadore.com. It can be anything from questions to suggestions to ideas to just talking:***