Transparency is very importan to us, and therefore we love to share everything behind the scenes. 

To us it is very important that our pieces are made ethically and sustainably, and that we get a good feeling when wearing the pieces. We can with our hand on our heart promise you that Sunset Adore´s pieces are pieces that are made thically and sustianably, and that you can feel good buyiung and wearing. 

We produce in two small family owned factories depending on the design and material: 

Spanish factory

  • Located in Spain, Europe
  • 6 tailors/pattern makers
  • Worked together since June 2023
  • Visited 2-3 times a week for 6 months and build close relationships

Spanish fabric store

  • Located in Spain, Europe
  • Worked together since September 2022
  • Most fabrics are made in Barcelona, Spain

Chinese factory

  • Located in China
  • 62 employees
  • Family-owned
  • Sustainable and ethical production of fabric as well as clothing pieces
  • Worked together since May 2022


the founder

The founder Mariken established Sunset Adore in 2021 because she could not find sustainable, timeless and high quality pieces for a good price! Either the brand´s were offering unethical production and poor quality, or the brands offered unattainable luxury.

Then she founded a timeless and sustainable brand with focus on transparency and classic design that will last forever. Sunset Adore was established and has today grown into a brand and community loved by women worldwide.


we value


Ethical practices and sustainable production is top priority for SA. We work with three small family owned factories in Spain and China. We have great relationships, got sustainability reports and have visited the Spanish factory 3 times a week during 2022 and 2023.

We are proud of having such a close relationship with our factories and also ensuring that the workers are treated well, paid fairly, have their vacations, and good work environment.

Read more about our specific sustainable actions here.