Hii, I'm Mariken. I'm 24 years old and originally from Norway.

I founded SA in 2021 while studying business and innovation in the U.S.A. At the time it was more of a passion project, however I worked three jobs during university to be able to fund SA and turn her into my full time job.

After graduating university I decided to move to Spain to find good quality fabrics and an ethical factory. After six months of dedicated preparation, studying to learn Spanish and relationship-building, I fully launched SA in 2023.

We have grown into a fashion brand loved and worn by women worldwide.

I would love to take you along on our journey into the SA world!


I recognized a significant gap in the fashion market: Most clothing pieces available were lacking the three aspects that I find most important:

1. They lacked timeless and classic design; instead, they were heavily trend-driven.
2. They were not made of good quality, often from materials that would not last.
3. They were not made sustainably and ethically, often produced under poor conditions.
To me, it is very important when I buy a clothing piece that it is timeless, made of good materials, and produced under ethical conditions.

The only brands that almost met my criteria were unattainable luxury brands, but obviously, their price points did not meet my criteria.

Therefore, I founded Sunset Adore to create timeless clothing pieces that last season after season, made in sustainable and ethical factories, and offered at a reasonable price.