Are you deciding between the maxi skirts lengths? This guide will help you choose the best fit for you!


1. The white trim on the top of the maxi skirts can be folded down to make the skirt 10cm shorter. This way you can fit your skirt perfectly for flats, heels or how you prefer the length that day. 

2. Choose between Petite or Tall

- Is your height between 155-170cm/5′1-5′5 choose Petite

- Is your height between 171-188cm+/5′6-6′2 choose Tall

3. The length of the skirts depending on if you fold or not are:

- Petite maxi skirt length:  

           Folded: 85cm / 33.5 in

           Unfolded: 95cm / 37.5 in

- Tall maxi skirt length: 

          Folded: 100cm / 39 in

          Unfolded: 110cm / 43 in



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